Develop of Italian market

Thank’s to Years of experience in selling of Electric, Electronics and Electromechanical products designed for Industrial Automation and Energy Distribution Proex propose himself as partner / consultant to foreign company interested to develop or increase the presence into the Italian Market.

It is our main aim to represent an unique “contact points” between manufacturer – distributor – user exploiting the synergy of a wide range of complementary products and supply adequate technical and commercial supports.

In details the services offered are:

Creation or increase of Italian Sales Network basing the activity on client’s real needs / expectations through appropriate commercial and marketing consultancy for the identification of the areas with the greatest potential, the most effective communication system (communication tools, participation in fairs, workshops …) and the correct type of partner (dealer, importers, distributors, agents, etc.).

Definition of products correct positioning from both economic and technical points of view, with assessment of what’s already present in Italy (through comparisons with competitors or similar products) and on real needs / expectations of the selected distribution channel. As a result, there is a correct identification of the “winning” aspects of the offer.

Commercial growth either through the development of current business or existing customers than the creation of new sales channels / opportunities. Moreover, through constant monitoring of the territory, Proex offer suggestions for the development of new products based on the real needs of the market or on competitors offer.

Main benefits of our proposal should be summarized as following:

– Approach to market development at acceptable but qualitatively effective costs even for small and medium-sized company with a personalized proposal based on the real needs of the client.

Presidium of areas that hardly (due to time / distance / cost problems) are not presently covered and followed in an organic and continuous by a resource that deals exclusively on development and research of new opportunities.

– As PRO.EX. S.A.S. is multi-trade company, the offer is enriched with information coming from the numerous contacts in the territory, from different producer and different sources (customer, competitors..).
All this translates into a substantial knowledge of the market at 360​​°.

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