AUER SIGNAL GmbH since 1910 manufacturer of visual – audible signaling device also in explosion-proof version.

The production consists of: Visual signalling equipment: from small lighting systems with a diameter of 22 mm panel mounting up to large signal lights with 400 candles in different types of lamps (led xenon strobe) and color. Modular signalling columns from 30 mm up to 70 mm diameter horizontal or vertical assembly that should be completed with acoustic buzzer. Acoustic devices with / without visual indication also in panel mounting version.

HUGO MULLER GmbH & Co KG German company founded in 1929 as a high-quality manufacturer of loudspeakers, headsets, radio systems and radio clocks.

Today the range includes electromechanical or digital time switches (daily, weekly, monthly, annual and astronomical), counter (up or down), staircase timer and twilight switches, dimmers and systems for air conditioning and civil installation (KNX).

CL AMBIENTE & AUTOMAZIONE Srl produces Protection Systems Interface CEI 021 (Low Voltage) and CEI 016 (Medium Voltage) for alternative energies (ie solar, wind, cogeneration …).

It is also an importer and distributor of components for industrial electrical systems and automation.

BENEDICT GmbH since 1920 manufacturer of electromechanical components.

Micro and Mini-contactors from 2.2, 4 and 5.5 kW (screw or solder terminal) and relative thermal minirelay. Contactors (also for capacitor banks), Thermal relays, Manual Motor Starter and Circuit Breakers up to 55 kW complete with all relative accessories (auxiliary contacts, mechanical interlocks, coils) Modular contactors 1 to 4 poles up to 63 A. Push button sets 30 mm diameters. Main Switches 160 A also in DC version (up to 1500VDC) with relative accessories. Cam switches in different configuration from a few Amperes up to 1200 A.

GAMMA SYSTEM Srl Company born around ’80 with the aim of improving the security of employed in machinery industrial production, In details:

  • Products for the safety of workers in dangerous area such as safety sensitive mats, safety pressure-sensitive edges and safety sensitive bumpers with relative control units;
  • Products designed to the industrialization and the press of metal work process as roller lubricators, pneumatic injectors for local lubrication, silenced nozzles, pneumatic motion evacuators of pieces and scraps.

ELETTROMECCANICA PIOSSASCO Srl since 1962 is specialized in the design, manufacture construction, sale and maintenance of medium and low voltage transformers in oil, resin and dry. The range consists of:

– Three phase Oil immersed transformers from 50 kVA to 6000 kVA of power, with voltages up to 33 kV (insulation class 36 kV).

– Dry type Cast Resin transformers with powers from 50 kVA to 3150 kVA, voltages up to 33 kV (insulation class 36 kV).

– Dry type impregnated transformers from 20 kVA to 1600 kVA1600 particularly suitable for special applications and low loss and high efficiency as photovoltaic systems.

The whole range can be customized by special features as electrostatic ground shield, dual primary or secondary voltage; special vector connection groups; special losses, special accessories (ie protection box).

CEPI ELETTRICA Srl is a company with more than 40 years of experience specialized in design and realization of Enclosures; Consoles; Cabinets; Lan System, Enclosures in different size, shape and configurations, complemented by accessories such as special locks, wall fixing, lugs for lifting …

CEPI ELETTRICA Srl is a company with more than 40 years of experience specialized in design and realization of Enclosures; Consoles; Cabinets; Lan Baldi Srl, company founded in 1984, which produces, using high quality and organization standars, following range of products : Insulator; Insulating support and Distribution Bars; Support for components assembly; Copper Bars and accessories; Cable trunkings; Sheaths and accessories for cable and protection; Fixing and connection; Components for the electrical board air-conditioning; Components for the electrical board illumination.